Most of our genealogy services are priced by the time spent working on the project and our services are usually billed hourly. You are purchasing our skills and knowledge as well as our time. Time spent analyzing the problem, reviewing the information that you present to us, and developing the research plan is billed at the hourly rate as is the time spent researching, compiling, and reporting the results.

Each research project is unique and the total time required to complete a project is dependent on a variety of factors:

  • Previously documented research
  • Availability of the typical genealogical sources pertaining to the ancestor.
  • Time period in which the ancestor lived.
  • Location where the ancestor lived, worked, traveled.

To allow the customer to have control over the project, we invoice at set prescribed blocks of time with a minimum number of hours depending upon the project goal and type of project. You determine the amount of time you wish us to spend on your project.

Select the type of project below for more information on pricing.

Genealogy Specialties (requiring extra training, experience, and skills):