Document Family Possessions

Are you prepared for a catastrophe? The first thing people search for after a tornado or other natural disaster is their photographs and family documents. While tragedy cannot always be prevented it is important to try to protect your family heirlooms and at least have copies elsewhere.

Heritage Trackers, LLC can digitize your family documents, heirlooms, and photographs to preserve and organize them. We can preserve your originals in archival materials and provide a digital copy to share with family members or your insurance agent. Let us help you protect your historic documents and photographs from deterioration and environmental issues, while we preserve the image from ultimate loss by organizing, digitizing, and making backup copies to share with your family.

While only one family member can inherit the responsibility of caring for and preserving each original family legacy item, now each family member can enjoy the family genealogy as a whole through high quality copies of all those important documents and photographs. Our services make it possible to document the whole collection of an ancestor before the estate is divided among the heirs and the provenance of each item is lost to time.

Grandfather’s Masonic apron, a family artifact